System Components


Our air compressor tanks, available in horizontal & vertical, are designed for extra air storage & made with steel for long-lasting durability.


Choosing the appropriate compressed air filter is very important. By choosing an Ingersoll Rand air filter, you are buying high quality treatment products that will enhance your entire air compressor system.

System Controls and Monitoring

Ingersoll Rand controls and automation help you easily manage your compressed air systems to further enhance system reliability and improve efficiency.

Oil Water Separators

Unique and efficient PolySep Oil Water Separators from Ingersoll Rand offer unrivaled performance that can easily separate, and permanently absorb, virtually all lubricants.

Drain Valves

The Ingersoll Rand Electronic Drain Valve (EDV) is a full-feature automatic electronic solenoid drain valve that cost-effectively removes condensate from compressors, receivers, dryers, aftercoolers, filters and drip legs.