System Controls and Monitoring

Compressor Controllers

Ingersoll Rand controls and automation help you easily manage your compressed air systems to further enhance system reliability and improve efficiency. 

Designed for rotary screw compressors, the Xe-50M provides you with a full asset control and increased reliability. Clear, intuitive navigation ensures ease of use with a peace of mind that your system is running as it should!

Designed for rotary screw compressors, the Xe-145M controller provides you with a full asset control and superior connectivity. It allows for easy diagnostics that lead to less down time for your compressed air system and helps you increase productivity due to automated data logging and report generation.

IntelliFlow, Ingersoll Rand’s line of electronic flow controllers, creates a buffer between air supply and air demand. This allows for more effective use of air storage and a continuous dynamic response to demand fluctuations to actively stabilize system pressure, thereby eliminating the requirement to turn on extra compressors or to elevate pressures. 

Eliminating Ingersoll Rand X-Series System automation eliminates waste by managing up to eight positive displacement compressors simultaneously. This can include compressors of different capacities, different types (fixed speed, variable speed, variable capacity), and in any combination. Through advanced control functionality and universal connectivity, the X-Xeries System automation products will work with your existing compressors, from Ingersoll Rand or any manufacturer, to improve operating efficiency, reduce energy cost and eliminate waste. 

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The AIRGuard wireless remote monitoring and control system by Air Centers of Florida is the reliable, cost effective solution for air compressor monitoring. It connects to Modbus enabled air compressor systems to easily access and diagnose potential issues and failures. This unit has the ability to monitor key items that provide peace of mind and increases reliability and efficiency.

Other offerings: Xe-70M Series Rotary Compressor Controller,  Xe-90M Series Rotary Compressor Controller,  Xe-145F Series Centrifugal Compressor Controller, camtech