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Nirvana Compressor

Ingersoll Rand Nirvana oil-free air compressors, with a matching variable speed inverter and hybrid permanent magnet (HPM) motor, provide unparalleled energy efficiency at all speeds along with superb reliability. They deliver class 0 certified 100% oil-free air for the most critical applications. There are no motor bearings, pulleys, belts, couplings or motor shaft seals to wear out, leak, or need replacing. Nirvana will lower your operating costs with its dynamic efficiency. 

Our Ingersoll Rand Nirvana variable speed rotary screw compressors embody advancements in aligning technology and reliability. Nirvana provides the ability to match compressed air demand while ensuring the lowest power consumption and operation cost. And Nirvana’s unique IntelliDrive has the ability to be resized to a different horsepower to grow your business.

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