Heat of Compression Dryers

Heat of Compression

If you are looking to purchase an air compressor, you most likely will also need a compressed air dryer. Water is a natural by-product of any compressed air process. When air is compressed, the moisture that is naturally present in the air is also compressed. When air leaves an aftercooler and moisture separator, it is typically saturated and as it cools while moving through distribution piping, it can condense, causing corrosion, contamination and other detrimental effects that result in low productivity, high maintenance costs and excessive downtime.

Ingersoll Rand Heat of Compression Dryers (HOC) feature dual-tower, desiccant design technology with the most energy-efficient design available for oil-free applications. HOC dryers recover heat that is a natural by-product of the compression process to offset virtually all electricity costs other than operating the controller – the cost of powering a lightbulb! The HC series delivers -40°C (-40°F) pressure dew point air consistently under all load conditions at operating costs well below those of typical desiccant dryer designs.

The HOC dryer is equipped with a microprocessor-based control system that maintains performance and monitors the health of the unit, so downtime is minimized. H and HC series dryers can be installed with multiple compressors, allowing maximum flexibility without sacrificing the integrity of the compressed air system.

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