Compressed Air Dryer Rentals

Air Compressor Dryer Rentals

Air quality can have a significant impact on air systems. Properly treated compressed air, including the right dryer, will improve productivity, system efficiency, and product or process quality. A refrigerated air dryer is an integral piece in your air treatment system, making Air Centers of Florida’s wide knowledge and expertise in this field a key aspect to the success of your rental compressed air system.

Our refrigerated air dryers will remove all water and moisture in the compressed air system down to 40F dew point. We have refrigerated dryers available for rent from 50cfm up to 2000cfm and higher if needed.

For applications requiring very dry air, you can rely on our fleet of Desiccant Air Dryers. These will take the dew point of your compressed air down to -100F, and with built-in prefilters and after filters, the compressed air system is guaranteed to be as clean and dry as possible.

We have Desiccant air dryers in our fleet from 50cfm up to 1500 cfm and higher as needed.

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